Tips and Advice for Shopping
for The Best Toddler Toys

Best toddler toys are toys which support the growth and development of a toddler. Therefore, if you want your money not to be wasted on toys for your toddler, you have to selectively buy toys which will be beneficial for your toddler's development.

Here is the list of things you should consider to make shopping for the best toddler toys rewarding:

  • The toy should be well-made and safe. Read more about toy safety here.
  • Find toys which address as many developmental issue as possible and can be played in a variety of ways. In addition, find toys which grow with the child.
  • Avoid electronic toys at this stage, including educational DVDs and educational computer game teaching ABCs and 123s. Although a lot of these products are touted as educational, I'm not convinced that they are necessary. A toddler's job is to play and actively explore the environment. That's how they learn. ABCs can be learned when your child is older, not when s/he is a toddler.
  • Make sure your toddler's toy collection is well balanced which means that there should be toys to aid development of his faculties: physical (gross and fine motor skills), emotion, language, imagination/creativity and cognitive development.

And finally, I would like to encourage you to research and shop online when buying best toddler toys. I enjoy shopping online very much mainly because it's stress free - there is no drive and queue for a check-out online. Plus I can research and read reviews about certain products online before buying something. I also find that online toy store often carries unique toys which can be hard to find locally especially if you don't live in big cities. Shopping online is safe as long as the shop directs you to the secure payment page which has https:// instead of http:// in the URL. Use credit cards instead of debit cards online, since credit cards will have fraud protection.

If you consider to buy top toddler toys online, I suggest you to start with Toys2wish4. They carry a lot of variety of well-constructed and well-designed toys from respected brands. They also have toys of various genre as well as popular toys from the past and present. If you look for award winning toys for your toddler, then this is the place. The price is competitive and they have awesome customer service.

However, if you truly want to have unique one-of-a-kind toddler toys which are fun, well-designed, spark creativity and wholesome, then try HearthSong . They don't carry that many toys and they design the toys they carry themselves. So don't expect to see brand-name and award winning or popular toys there. However, I find their collection are truly awesome, priced reasonably and - how should I say it - celebrate childhood. So I recommend you to visit their toy store sometimes and I'm sure you and your children will love their collection too.

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