Doll: Its Benefit and
How to Choose the Best One

Doll is one of the toy that are most often associated with childhood. Even young babies as young as 3 months can start playing with it.

The hidden merits of doll.

This child toy provide an open-ended play opportunities and is often used in pretend play which will develop your child's imagination and creativity.

However, apart for playing purposes, it can also be used in different ways.

First, it can be used to improve your child's receptive language while your child is still young by talking about the doll while pointing out at the features you are talking about.

Secondly, it can be used to 'give certain example' to your child. For instance, you can use it to illustrate to your young child about a certain medical procedure that he is going to undergo. It can also be used to help correcting behaviour problem. For instance, when your child refuses to sleep at night, you can tell your child that it's time to sleep and that mommy, daddy and the dolly are sleepy too.

And finally, your child can use it to provide emotional support during hard times. For instance, when they are ill or sad, they can hug this soft toy.

Choosing an age-appropriate doll.

Some dolls are made from plastic, some are made from cloth. For your babies and toddlers, try to find the one which have the following features:

  • soft, so it won't hurt if it accidently hits or falls on your baby.
  • come in one piece so your young child won't be able to take them apart.
  • has eyes, nose and mouth embroidered so there is no small pieces which can come apart.

For these reasons, we recommend you to buy the stuffed/soft kind for your young child. .

Your child can start playing with the plastic kind when they reach around 2 years of age. Start with the big one which comes in one piece. Only when they are older they can start playing with a more intricate one, which are smaller and have body parts which can be taken apart.

Your child will enjoy this toy for many years to come. Therefore, get a well-made one to ensure durability

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