Spice Up Your Child's Phonics Lesson
Using Phonics Games

If your child has been dreading phonics lessons, then give phonics games a try. With reading games, your child's phonics lessons will never be the same again - they will change, and I guarantee, for the better.

As a parent, I know that each child is different. Some are content enough to learn reading via phonics book alone. But some need lots of games to reinforce the lesson and more importantly, to prevent them from being bored.

So what can you do to make phonics lesson fun ?

Here are some suggestions to make reading lessons fun:

First, you can create phonics games to play with your child.

Here are some recommended books to help you to do so:

  • Phonics games your kids can't resist by Michelle Ramsey
  • Games for reading by Peggie Kaye.
  • Instant file folder games for reading by Marilyn Myers Bunch

Second, you can buy your child reading/spelling toys. Leap Frog has a couple of toys which teach your preschooler (or even toddler) the ABCs and simple phonics, for instance: Learning Friends Phonics Bus, Phonics Radio, and Phonics Writing Desk. There are also other companies which make such toys, for instance Fisher Price (Kasey the Kinderboot -- a phonics robot), Educational Insights (Phonics Firefly) and International Plaything (Spell-A-Puzzle).

Third, you can get interactive electronic pads which teach reading -- your child can simply touch designated spots in the pad by either a finger or a specific pen, and the pad will respond back by giving out a sound or a blink. These pads also contain many phonics games and are definitely fun. Since the pad is the size of a book, your child can bring the pad anywhere and anytime, even on vacation.

Fall into this category are the famous Leap Pad Phonics Series by Leap Frog and the Power Touch Phonics Series by Fisher Price. We think that the Fisher Price's Power Touch Learning System can be adapted to tots more easily than Leap Pad's since your child just have to touch the pad using a finger to get a response from the electronic book, whereas Leap Pad utilizes a pen for that. However, Power Touch is newer than Leap Pad, so it does not have many titles yet. If you want a complete phonics learning system in only one electronic pad, then try the award-winning Geosafari's Phonics Pads out. Like Power Touch, this product can be activated just by touch and is definitely fun.

In addition to or instead of electronic pads, you can get fun and interactive educational softwares for teaching reading, such as the Jumpstart series by Knowledge Adventure and Reader Rabbit series by The Learning Company. Or, you may want to invest in interactive videos/DVDs like Leapster series by Leap Frog.

Fourth, don't forget to get the kid board games which can be used to reinforce spelling and reading. The classical one is of course: the famous Scrabble. Nowadays, you can get board word games like Smartmouth, Wordsense, The Letter Factory Games and the Spelling Bee Bingo Games.

Fifth, switch to a completely new phonics programs which incorporate games in the lesson. There are now some complete phonics programs which teach phonics through multi-sensory approaches, in addition to the phonics book/workbook approach; for instance through various phonics games (such as card games, board games, computer games or physical games), singing, listening to music, playing with flash cards, watching videos and interaction with interactive reading softwares . These programs will definitely accomodate many types of learners, from visual learners to kinesthetic learners.

So, if your child resists reading, don't despair. The remedy may be as simple as supplementing your current program with lots of reading games.

Good luck and happy reading !!!

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